Lake Naconiche

We have a new lake opening this weekend in Nacogdoches County!

Lake Naconiche (pronounced Nac-uh-nitch OR Nac-uh-neesh OR Nac-uh-neetch… in east TX, pronunciation really isn’t important) opens to the public Saturday, September 1, 2012 at sunrise! 

Here’s what you might want to know:

Directions – Drive north on US 59. Go 4 miles past Appleby, then turn left on FM 2435.  Follow that road till you see a Lake Naconiche sign. Turn left at the lake sign. Drive about 1/4 mile and you’ll see another Lake Naconiche sign at the public entrance.

Cost – Each vehicle costs $5 to enter. This includes the driver’s cost. All additional persons 13 yrs and older pay $1.  Entrance is open until the parking lot is full.  If it’s full, you are welcome to wait till someone leaves. Cash/checks are welcome. After September 14, 2012, the honor system will be used to pay, the same way state parks often work.

Boating – From September 1-14, only boaters with a trailer are allowed in if they have already been picked via a  lottery. After the 14th, boats on a trailer may come until the parking lot is full.

Kayak/canoe – If it is NOT on a separate trailer, you can enter till the parking lot is full.

Swimming – There is a roped off swimming area with beach. The swimming area ground is pebble-based, so hopefully parents won’t hear, “Ewww! Mud between my toes!”

Picnic/Playground – There are plans for picnic areas, a playground, and possibly a pavilion. As of September 2012, there is not one.  Glass beverage containers are not allowed.

Restrooms – There are restrooms near the swimming area. They are clean with toilet paper and hand sanitizer, but no running water.

Pets – Pets, except properly trained animals assisting those with disabilities (such as seeing eye dogs), are not allowed in sanitary facilities, playgrounds, the fishing area, the fishing pier, the swimming beach, or the swimming area.

Lake Naconiche is run by Nacogdoches County.  If you have any questions about the lake, you can visit their website HERE,  read their official rules and regulations HERE,  or call the Lake office at (936) 559-9038.


  1. I wish they had camping. Maybe one day…

  2. as long as it it took to open this lake I sure thought there would be more… no picnic tables,,, no camping areas,,, Lake Nacogdoches is still nicer

  3. kristy thomas says:

    so is the park officially open now for all boaters? i tried to call that number to the park, but no one is answering….

    • Anyone can boat starting on September 15, 2012 until the parking lot fills up. If you leave a message at that phone number, you should receive a call back.

  4. Is there an address we can plug into the gps to get to the ramp?

  5. Please make this lake an ” iDLE SPEED ONLY ” lake. It is a small lake and very beautiful. These big motors serve no advantage by fast. Speed and noise are nothing but ignorant destruction to this neat little lake. ” IDLE ONLY ” would help to preserve its beauty much longer.
    Purtis Creek State Park in Eustace , TX has been very successful doing this on a similar sized lake.
    Thanks for listening. Please understand my respect for this cool lake by this suggestion.

  6. Korey K Kunc says:

    I can’t wait to get back on this beautiful lake next weekend.